Danielle Harris 

Danielle Harris is a seasoned NRA instructor whose love for shooting begin at the young age of 7 while learning to hunt with her father, David.  
As the Manager at Dragon Fire Armory, Danielle leads the marketing & development team tasked with reaching beyond the traditional boundaries of the weapons industry to identify new opportunities and emerging markets.  She maintains focus on her mission to provide a safe, enriching environment for shooters to develop accurate marksmanship and gun handling skills.  
An avid outdoors-woman, Danielle is known for having no fear!  From skydiving to swimming with sharks, she is always up-for-the-challenge and can regularly be found on the water or in a tree-stand with either her bow or rifle nearby.
A constant student of life, Danielle also holds a Bachelor's Degree in Health Services and is a Registered Nurse with the State of Florida.  

David Harris 

Lifetime NRA member, and father of two, serves as DFA's Operations Manager where he is responsible for the day-to-day operations at Dragon Fire Armory.  
David works closely with his team on developing safety protocol & long-term professional relationships with first responders across the nation.  His influence shows in the training, awareness programs, and product advancements displayed by DFA and its partners.
David has an A.S. degree in Photography with a minor in communications. He has an exceptional analytical background that enables him to effectively orchestrate the resources of the client, yielding optimal growth and customer satisfaction.